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E-commerce Learning Centre

Learn how to increase your sales via savvy online marketing & promotion strategy, find downloads & how to make the most out of webShaper stores. Enjoy!

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E-commerce Stores Go Live Checklist    Setting up Free Shipping to Boost Your Sales

Quick Start Guide

This is the simple 1-2-3 Quick Start Guide for new webShaper stores merchant. Focus on the essential and start selling in shortest time possible.

E-commerce 101

The e-commerce starter, especially for newbies on their first online e-commerce store and the fundamental knowledge required in running a successful store.

FAQs on webShaper stores

Frequently Asked Questions on webShaper miniStore, sohoStore and bizStore. This will help you understand in details about webShaper and make a sound investment.

Fraud Alert System (FAS)

Learn how webShaper Fraud Alert System - specially designed for Small and Medium-sized Merchants can help you minimize the risk exposed to fraudulent online orders.

Sell with PayPal

Learn about PayPal, its benefits, how to open a PayPal business account, How much is PayPal rates, How to link to your bank account and more on PayPal Learning Centre.

Design Centre

Click here to learn on how to customize the look and feel of your webShaper Stores, how to add in those gorgeous looking and lively widgets for your store and more!

Free Tools

Check out the list of Must-have Free Tools recommended by us, dog-food by us which can help you to save more time and be a super efficient e-commerce merchant.

Courier Service Providers

A list of Courier Service Providers you can consider sign up to help you ship your products to your clients.

Marketing Centre

Learn how to make your site Search Engine Friendly, How to Build Inbound Links for your store, how to market your online store via facebook & lots more!

Video Tutorial

Check out the Video Tutorial covering A~Z on how to setup store, configure shipping, utilize the marketing features and make the most out of your webShaper stores.

Documents Templates

Don 't know how to write a shipping policy for your webShpaer store? We provide you ready-made templates so you can use it right away!

Your Email by Google App

Learn how to manage and download your emails to Microsoft Outlook powered by Google App for Domain. FAQs on Google Email found here too.

Sell with iPay88

Learn about iPay88 Payment Gateways, What benefits does it offer, how to apply an account, Checkout the direct debit suppported and more on the iPay88 Learning Centre.

Free Graphics

Looking for some stunning Visa / Mastercard / Amex logo to put on your website? Use these images smartly to enhance the trust of your webShaper store to boost conversion!

Social Media Marketing

Learn how to utilize Facebook Fanpage and Twitter to help you bulid loyalty (& profits) for your business!

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