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Learn how to increase your sales via savvy online marketing & promotion strategy, find downloads & how to make the most out of webShaper Stores. Enjoy!

Welcome to the E-commerce Marketing Centre

Top 10 ways to build trust for your online store.

It's deadly simple. If they don 't trust you, they won't buy. Here's 10 tried-&-tested ways to Build Trust Online for Your E-commerce Store.

7 Rules for Successful Advertising

Every business advertises. But does every business get the most out of advertising? Learn these 7 rules for successful advertising to get the most bangs for your ad buck!

E-commerce Heroes Series

One of the best way to beef-up our marketing know-how is to listen to those been-there, done-that entrepreneurs and learn about their what drives them to SUCCESS. First series of e-commerce hero, who other than The King of E-commerce - Mr Jeff Bezos!

SEO strategies to boost your search engine ranking

Learn how to make your webShaper store Search Engine Friendly and Your Products Get Found in searches!
Want more? Download this Google SEO Starter Guide

How to speed up your webStore Time-to-Market and why it matters?

Money doesn't fall from the sky, but it sure helps if you can start off selling fast by focusing on the very 7 key actions to get your e-commerce business started, here's how.

Got MSN? Put a MSN Web Chat on your webshaper store!

So you know to engage your customers by providing more personalized services. Don't have a live chat system? How about using your own msn account (consider register one under your store url too) ? and put up a MSN web chat on your e-commerce store?

4 Easy Steps to create Favicon for your eStores

Want your domain url bar showing-off your unique branding (favicon)? Learn how to put up a favicon for your webShaper Stores in just 4 easy steps.

5 common mistakes to avoid when starting up e-commerce

Avoid these 5 common mistakes and you will be off for a good start.

Free Shipping Strategy to kickstart your store opening.

Congrats on your store launching! Let's make it hard to resist (and risk free) for clients to buy from you, first start with proving them free shipping and here's how to do it!

How to Instantly Attract New Customers and Build your customers base.

Few critical strategy you can apply to converts visitors into your customers.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

For latest information on Paypal, please always visit their official website at www.paypal.com

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Paypal Learning Centre

Paypal Learning Centre

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